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Sukup Steel Structures is a fully-owned subsidiary of Sukup Manufacturing Co. Sukup has over 55 years of experience in manufacturing steel products. Our main manufacturing facilities and offices in Sheffield, Iowa, along with our six distribution centers, boast over one million square feet of manufacturing space. In 2014 we completed construction of our new corporate office building. We manufactured over 800,000 pounds of structural steel in-house to complete this project.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. has come a long way from its start in a welding shop in 1963. Company wide, Sukup is filled with the most advanced metal fabricating equipment. With over 80 patents, Sukup manufactures a full line of equipment for in-bin drying and storage, as well as dryers, farm and commercial grain bins, material handling equipment and steel buildings.

Sukup continues to grow
and is the fastest growing bin company of the decade.
No matter how much the company grows,
one thing stays the same - the personal touch that comes from a family-owned company.
Being a family-owned company
with many long-term employees allows Sukup Manufacturing Co. to remain dedicated to our customers and providing them the best quality products and best value for the money.
We're always looking for good people, if you have an interest in being a part of the future of the metal building fabrication industry please reach out to us and introduce yourself.