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Exterior Wall Panels

Sukup Steel Structures exterior PBR wall panels are made from 26 gauge steel and feature extra deep 1 1/4” ribs for greater durability and strength. Exterior panels are available in all 12 Sukup standard colors and Galvalume®+ so your building can have both strength and beauty.

Liner Panels

Sukup Steel Structures also offers a 26 & 29 gauge interior liner panel to give a nice finished look to the inside of any building.


Standing Seam Roof

The point of putting up a building to house your machinery, shop and office is to keep your property dry and safe. Doesn’t it make sense then, to put up a building that’s virtually leakproof? The seams on Sukup Steel Structures standing seam roofs are mechanically rolled in the field to create a 360o Pittsburgh double-lock seam. This seam creates a tight, durable, virtually leak-proof seal.

Screw-Down Roof - PBR

Sukup Steel Structures also manufactures a 26 gauge screwdown roof. This style of roof is economical and simple to install. Screw-down roofs are available in Galvalume®+ and all Sukup standard colors.

We also offer 16”/18” Flat Profile and Striated Profile Architectural Panels

Sukup Steel Structures wall and roof panels are made from Galvalume®+ AZ-55 substrate for superior corrosion resistance, so they will look good for years to come.


All Sukup Steel Structures standard colors are coated with CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Silicone-modified Polyester. This is an industry-leading coating system that utilizes superior reflective qualities to effectively cool your steel building. This reduces the amount of energy and potential costs needed to cool the building. Additionally, CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Silicone-modified Polyester offers exceptional abrasion resistance and color life. It features a 40-year adhesion warranty and 30-year fade warranty.

Color reproduction may vary slightly. This color chart is for reference only and is not to be used for final color choice. See actual color sample from supplier to determine true color. Sukup Steel Buildings are backed by a one year standard limited warranty. Galvalume® and Trinar® are registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Sukup Steel Buildings feature a number of options including a full line of walk-in doors, windows, fiberglass insulation packages, translucent wall panels, canopies and more! You can be sure you will get exactly what you want.

  • Solid web frames to 250 feet +
  • Standing Seam Roofs
    • 24” Trapezoidal
    • 16” and 18” Vertical Seam
  • Standard Roof and Wall Panels
    • Panel Rib with PBR/li>
    • Reverse Rolled
  • Other Wall and Siding Options
  • Galvanized Secondary G-40
  • Gray Primer
  • Hot-Dipped Structure option
  • Up to 1” SSR Thermal Block thickness
  • Roll Formed Trim to 20’
  • Trim shipped in hard wooden crates
  • Entry Doors
  • Overhead Doors & Sliding Doors
  • Insulation
  • Components