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We believe service is our most important product. Excellent quality service is the focus of every department in our company.

Sukup Steel Structures designs, engineers, and manufactures systems construction buildings utilizing steel frame I-beam platform. All secondary framing, including purlins, girts and base angles, is hot-dipped galvanized providing long-life rust protection. We offer a 40-year limited warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling or blistering on all panel and trim with CERAM-A-STAR® 1050 Silicone-modified Polyester. We also offer the same limited warranty with 35 years for our Trinar 70% PVDF Color Finish.

Sukup Steel Structures will qualify for LEED product recognition. Made of 90+% recyclable materials, steel buildings are environmentally friendly, and our Cool Chemistry® roofs help to make our buildings energy efficient.

Our stainless steel capped fasteners come with a lifetime corrosion protection, and Sukup Steel Structure’s industry standard roof systems are backed by a full package of performance warranties.

Sukup Steel Structures can better withstand the ravages of weather, cost less to maintain, and provide a longer lasting structure to building owners.

Sukup Steel Structures buildings manufactured in the US from our Ambridge, Pennsylvania factory.