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We take the time to design and fabricate our buildings right, so you don’t have to do them over. Your customers look to you as a single source, and in partnership with us you can offer seamless systems construction with a high degree of confidence as well as cost predictability. In addition, we will support your sales efforts.

From your initial call to our office, your District Sales Manager will be your advisor throughout the entire process.

Systems construction can often require customized solutions with high quality and reliable designs. We pride ourselves on our engineering experience with designing retrofits, additions, hybrid buildings, and multiple unit buildings.

Our international experience includes projects of all sizes with both private and governmental applications on three continents in twelve countries with continued growth.

While we strive to be a low-cost producer, we consistently rank high with regard to industry standards in terms of product quality and reliability. Our standard products, such as galvanized purlins and girts enable your building to achieve a low life-cycle cost.

With a totally integrated manufacturing facility, Sukup Steel Structures produces a complete systems construction solution.

Continuous improvements in technologies and procedures in our service offerings as well as our factory performance contribute to our positive growth. The best quality materials and workmanship go into the manufacturing of every Sukup Steel Structures steel building system.

  • Engineering and Field Sales Service on the front end of project
  • Field Sales Installation Service on the back end of the project
  • Technical Services
  • Parts and Pieces
  • Component Enhancements
  • Warranties
Our Quality Management System Promotes Consistency

Sukup Steel Structures Factory Features:

  • Computer numerical control production lines with electronic download linkage to engineering
  • 100% American Welding Society and Certified Welding Supervisor certified welders maintained with in-house Certified Welding Inspector
  • Recognized accreditations in IAS AC-472 and Canadian A-660
  • Full width and breadth of systems product with in-house production
  • Mini-Storage product manufacturing capability
  • Full product offering on building system components for framing systems, wall systems, and roof systems
  • Full capability to process low to high complexity on Metal Building Manufacturers Association scale of 1-10
  • An active manufacturing member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association
  • 20 years of operational experience in providing high quality metal building systems solutions
  • Flexible multi-shift crew cross-trained across all processes and production lines
  • The only major manufacturer who packages all trim and building finishing materials in solid wood containers to prevent damage to contents
  • Supply of USA (domestically) produced material from leading steel suppliers

Factory Capabilities

The factory is located in the western Pennsylvania region. Sukup Steel Structures offers the Zeus-Shield Standing Seam roof system product and two architectural style roofs. All hardware, building accessories, and fasteners are provided in high-strength, corrosion-resistant finishes and color coded to match exterior paint finish where exposed.


Why Build With Steel?

STRENGTH - Steel buildings generally withstand higher winds and loads than wood.

DURABILITY - Steel buildings outlast wood buildings and are completely recyclable. Decommissioning a wood building only pays you back with a bonfire (after removing the panels)..

CLEAR SPAN - Steel buildings can clear span greater distances than wood

INSIDE CLEARANCE - Steel buildings provide greater inside clearance than wood because of the rigid frame rafter design. The common bay size of a steel building is greater than a wood building as well. ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE - Steel buildings are safe from termites, rot and mold, and drying out. Steel buildings won’t shrink, warp, or swell.